After a series of showings at events and invited viewings, we are thrilled to share Spin Off’s most recent Dance Work, Emerge. This is the result of a collaboration between our over 50’s dance company, Spin Off, our Artistic Director, Fergus Early OBE, film editor Hugo Glendinning and composer Bobby Demers. 

Over the summer Spin Off, worked with our Artistic Director, Fergus, to devise and rehearse the choreography. The project’s aim was to boost the company members confidence, skill and knowledge in working with new technologies, aided by online workshops in using their smartphones, ipads or laptops to help them record footage of themselves dancing. Company members also worked online with artists as the film was edited and music composed giving them exciting opportunities to learn new creative skills across different art forms.


Here are some thoughts from the company members themselves: 

‘The project alerted me to video possibilities and ways of editing’

‘It was lovely dancing outside and responding to the trees and open spaces’

‘It was very imaginative and well led. Thank you’

‘It freed up ideas of where we can perform and connect with different spaces’

‘The title Emerging resonated with meeting for the first time [post-lockdown] to dance together which was for all of us a moving and exhilarating experience

‘It was a really lovely way to get connected after the lockdown’

‘Working with nature was particularly inspiring’

Spin Off meet every Tuesday 10:30am – 12:30pm at Oxford House, Bethnal Green.

If you are inspired by this project, and want to find out more and get involved, please contact us at admin@greencandledance.com

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