Green Candle Dance Company offers training and professional development for teaching staff to enhance curriculum delivery, with the opportunity to discover some of the tools used to create an effective and sustainable creative dance model.

Green Candle can provide one-off INSET workshops or individual mentoring alongside our Schools Dancing programmes which presents teachers with practical examples of how to implement creative devices into their teaching curriculum and sustain the provision in the future.

INSET workshops are offered at EYFS, Primary, Secondary and SEN stages and are delivered by Green Candle’s specialist dance artists. Workshops aim to:

  • Enrich teaching and learning by encouraging schools to adopt a creative curriculum
  • Build confidence for teachers who are unfamiliar with delivering dance
  • Offer practical tools for engaging pupils in dance workshops and lessons
  • Deliver ideas for embedding curriculum learning within fun and accessible creative activities
  • Provide a bank of specialist dance vocabulary, methodology and frameworks used by Green Candle to deliver effective dance sessions in schools
  • Provide accessible learning methods and styles that can be adapted to suit a range of abilities
  • Provide teachers with a high quality example of best practice in dance delivery that can encourage further engagement with the arts beyond the project


Booking details:

We deliver twilight, half day or full day courses which complement all three of the Schools Dancing workshop packages.


Twilight session

(up to 1.5 hours)

From £250

Half day session

(up to 3 hours)

From £500

Full day session

(up to 7 hours)

From £750


For further information about mentoring in conjunction with the Schools Dancing programme or to discuss your schools needs for INSET and training please contact Green Candle’s Community and Education Manager, Vicki Busfield or call 020 7739 7722

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