Artistic policy

The company’s aims and Objectives are as follows:

Artistic Excellence
To present dance theater performances of the highest artistic standards in both conventional and unconventional performance spaces

To bring dance, as performance and as practice to all parts of the community, and especially to those who have traditionally been denied access to it and by so doing to develop new audiences and new practitioners for the art

To develop the educational potential in every aspect of the company’s working practices, collaborating closely with formal and informal education structures to further knowledge, skills and appreciation of dance and associated arts, and through art to develop and enhance other life skills

To disseminate the company’s skills and experience of dance in specific community and education areas through training courses, secondments and exchanges

Lifelong Learning
To present opportunities for people of all ages and in every phase of their lives to learn through doing, watching and appreciating dance

To use dance to enhance people’s mental and physical health both within and outside of formal healthcare settings

To pursue new initiatives which expand the context, aesthetics and range of dance practice and where relevant to evaluate, document and publish outcomes and results of such initiatives.

To act as an effective advocate for the importance of dance and art in the development and maintenance of healthy communities

Equal Opportunities
To operate an effective equal opportunities policy in all aspects of its work.