Mission Statement

At Green Candle we are committed:

To bring dance as participation and performance to children, young people and older adults in our community. And through dance,  to create healthier people and healthier, more integrated communities.

At Green Candle we believe:

Through dance we can improve the physical and psychological health of people, in particular children,  young people  and older adults.

Through dance it is possible to bring older and younger people together and integrate both groups better into their communities

Through dance we explore the social issues people face, particularly those relevant to young and older people (isolation, obesity, ageism, marginalization, unemployment, racism)

Though dance we can measurably improve the health and well being of both young and older people and help reduce the burden of those groups on the conventional social and healthcare sectors.

At Green Candle we create:

Productions that explore important issues relevant to young and older people in inspiring and engaging ways, using a rich mix of dance, music and theatre arts, often with an intergenerational slant

Workshops for young and older people designed not only to improve their physical condition but to improve their psychological well being (self confidence, self esteem) via a social and supportive environment.

Tours where we take productions and workshops to conventional and unconventional settings, seeking out younger and older people least likely to be experiencing or benefiting from dance and performance and least likely to be enjoying intergenerational relationships

Partnerships with like minded organizations (schools, theatres, day care centres, housing trusts, hospitals) supporting, encouraging, and providing inspiration, expertise and experience in working with younger and older people in dance.

Training opportunities for dancer artists and non dancers (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nursing staff, teachers) wanting to improve their skills in using dance with younger or older people via accredited courses, CPD workshops and the production of creative training materials.

Advocacy in the belief that dance is an important part of healthy people and healthy communities