Naseem Khan

Lynn Maree, Chair of Green Candle Dance Company, pays tribute to our former Board member, Naseem Khan.

Green Candle was very fortunate in attracting the support of Naseem Khan in its early days of existence. Naseem was always ready to watch work she was invited to, and she was drawn to the dance in education productions and workshops produced by Fergus Early and his team.

As a journalist working for the New Statesman, Naseem was the first to write about Green Candle, helping to establish its place in the cultural landscape. In all the company’s organic developments, its responses to need, its responses to change, its philosophy of dance is for everyone, Naseem was actively involved, offering thoughtful ideas, suggestions as to future directions, and major support in writing funding applications. She was not just a Board member who came to meetings and approved budgets.

One can depict Naseem’s life as an ever-active intellectual and spiritual quest for where she belonged, or where she could change so that she could belong – while taking her full self and all she was always becoming, along with her. Clear-thinking and sympathetically strategic, she turned everything into an opportunity for positive movement and found a way to nurture the best, and the unexpected, in everyone.

Green Candle is proud that it was an organisation that Naseem chose to give her vigorous, thoughtful and committed support to.  She is greatly missed.

Lynn Maree – Chair of Green Candle Dance Company


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