Schools Dancing

Green Candle’s Schools Dancing Programme offers a diverse range of creative opportunities to enable school improvement through the arts in a variety of bespoke dance workshops and projects.

Green Candle Dance Company

Green Candle supports Nursery, Primary, Secondary and SEN schools to address relevant curriculum areas and current issues through dance, providing students an alternative means of communication through movement and an opportunity to connect with their community. Our three programmes are suitable for schools aiming to:

  • encourage arts engagement
  • achieve Arts Mark
  • address students’ attainment needs and inclusion
  • break down learning and communication barriers
  • find alternative ways to widen school curriculum through creative opportunities
  • inspire teachers to bring out the best in their pupils

Workshops can be delivered as a one off (half day / full day) or as an extended project (tailored to the school requirements). There is also the option for INSET and training with each of our programmes to up skill teaching staff and leave a lasting legacy in the school.


‘Dancing the curriculum’ – cross curricular and cross arts workshops and projects

Promoting creativity and achievement – nurturing students understanding of current issues, curriculum subjects and topics through dance

Dancing the Curriculum aims to:

  • enable students to access the curriculum in new and inclusive ways; overcoming potential barriers to learning
  • improve students’ abilities to problem solve by giving them the confidence to take risks in a creative, safe and judgement free environment
  • enable students to ask questions and find answers about the world around them
  • promote movement and dance as a form of expression and communication, through creative exploration and imaginative learning methods
  • develop students skills in dance and movement, including co-ordination, balance, motor skills, body and spatial awareness

Prices start from £230 (half day workshop)


‘Dancing with the Community’ – intergenerational workshops and projects

Connecting schools and pupils to their local community – bringing young and old together through dance.

Dancing with the Community aims to:

  • break down barriers and dispel myths surrounding youth and older people; engendering an appreciation and respect for the older generation and their continued contribution to society
  • develop sensitivity in interacting and connecting with people with different needs
  • develop pupils understanding of dance movement potential and alternative ways of moving when working with older people
  • enhance students’ social skills, emotional maturity and understanding of themselves and others; enriching students learning in Citizenship, Humanities, Personal, Social and Health Education

Prices start from £330 (half day workshop)


‘Dancing without barriers’ – Specialist workshops and projects for SEN Schools

Special projects and workshops for SEN schools – encouraging every student to contribute unique and individual movement ideas and reveal their potential.

Dancing without barriers aims to:

  • enable students to achieve by providing a judgement free, creative and open space for learning
  • give young people a voice and recognise all contributions
  • broaden school creativity and open doors to sensory, artistic and interactive learning
  • use creative movement, storytelling, narrative and stimulating sensory tools such as props and music to engage all students
  • improve motor skills including balance, coordination, stamina, bodily and spatial awareness

Prices start from £230 (half day workshop)


Inset and mentoring:

Green Candle Dance Company offers bespoke training and professional development for teaching staff to enhance curriculum delivery with the opportunity to discover some of the tools used to create an effective and sustainable creative dance model. Click here to find out more about our INSET offer 


Booking details:

Green Candle will liaise with each school individually to develop a bespoke programme that suits the needs of their students.

All workshop prices quoted above include specialist dance artists and resources. At request, Green Candle Dance Company will also provide live music from a specialist musician to accompany our workshops and projects.

One off workshops are offered on a half day (up to 2.5 hours) or full day (up to 5 hours) basis.
Longer projects can be delivered from a week long intensive to regular sessions spread over a half term, term or year depending on needs and will be agreed when booking.

To find out more information and to begin the booking process please download the booking enquiry form or contact Vicki Busfield on 020 7739 7722 to discuss your needs directly