Old Man Dragging Stones

1994 - Old Man Dragging Stones saw Green Candle again break new ground ...

1994 – Old Man Dragging Stones saw Green Candle again break new ground. Created for people aged 13 and over, OMDS premiered at the prestigious Dance Umbrella festival.

From there it toured nationally – but not on the conventional circuit of dance venues. Instead Green Candle concentrated on developing new venues into theatres for a night, and abiding by one of its central tenets – of taking dance to people.

A collaboration with playwright Goran Stefanovski, OMDS was a powerful fable based loosely on the conflict in Bosnia. It told the story of a young woman caught up in the violence, at once a victim, participant and perpetrator of events that have made her lover her enemy, and her brother a desperate survivor.

The sophisticated mix of dance styles combined to produce an apparently simple work. Performing again in a public arena, the production attracted significant media coverage and was widely applauded.


Old Man Dragging Stones is at once an education and entertainment; a sumptuous patchwork quilt displaying an assortment of rare and exotic materials blended to form a warming and enchanting whole – Dancing Times

The integration of able-bodied and disabled dancers presents new and challenging choreographic possibilities for innovative dance movement ….mindblowing – Cambridge Evening News