Our Diploma in Leading Dance for Older People is underway!

October 2018 saw the start of our Diploma in Leading Dance for Older People – our Level 3 OCNLR Accredited Course. The course is comprised of 13 units over six intensive study weekends. It also requires a minimum of ten hours per week private study. Tutorial support is also available and participants  complete a detailed placement portfolio.

This course provides an understanding of how to lead safe, effective and enjoyable dance and movement work with older people and provides a balance between three main areas – theory, dance and movement work by participants and actual practice with older people.

During the first two weekends of this year’s course, the students covered the following units:

  • ‘Understanding well-being in older people’
  • ‘Planning a dance session for older people’
  • ‘Health, Safety and welfare in a dance session’
  • ‘Planning a warm-up for a dance session for older people’

They also took part in practical dance sessions incorporating technique and did some work on preparing and choreographing a solo piece.

Listen to feedback from some of our current students about the course so far:

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate the basic practical requirements for running a dance session
  • apply relevant anatomical and physiological information – both general and with specific reference to ageing
  • understand some of the psychological effects of ageing and have positive strategies for dealing with these
  • demonstrate the ability to structure dance sessions
  • define the physical imperatives – flexibility, dexterity, strength and cardiovascular fitness – and be able to use various safe and effective approaches to achieving them
  • use various paths to creativity in older people’s dancing
  • use with confidence different choreographic approaches
  • use appropriate music for dance sessions
  • select music for choreographic purposes
  • identify the different broad categories older people fall into – active elderly, people with age-related conditions, people with dementia etc. – and be able to demonstrate appropriate strategies for them
  • apply different teaching and learning strategies

If you would like to register your interest for next year’s intake for The Diploma in Leading Dance for Older People, please call 0207 739 7722 or email suzanne@greencandledance.com