Mina’s Story

2002 - Mina's Story is a topical and exciting dance theatre show ...

Mina’s Story is a topical and exciting dance theatre show, looking at the experience of being a refugee through the eyes of a young person and at the same time addressing many of the universal issues that face young people growing up – identity, sibling relationships, loss and adventure.

Through a vibrant mix of narrative, expressive dance and specially composed live music, Mina’s Story tells the story of Mina and her younger brother Mo Mo. When their lives are in great danger, they have to leave their country, beginning a momentous journey that ends up in a school rather like yours …

Mina’s Story is aimed at 8-12 year olds (school years 4-7), with opportunities for developing work around the show’s themes in dance, drama, music, visual art and other curriculum areas such as Citizenship. The production is accompanied by participatory workshops and a teachers’ resource pack for all participating schools.

Choreographed and Directed by Fergus Early
Music by Will Embliss
Design by Nina Ayres

Thanks to the pupils of Ambler School and Islington Green Secondary School who contributed to the development of Mina’s Story and Rosie Lehan and City and Islington College for their help and generosity in the creation of the production. Also thanks to Worldaware, The Refugee Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for their help in the production of the resource pack.

“Very appropriate, very relevant – I’m sure it touched a chord for many of the refugee children in the school and made the others think about them in a more sympathetic light. The treatment was perfect.”  – Teacher, Grafton School, Islington

“This kind of approach to such a sensitive and emotional issue is something that we can only try to do in the classroom, whereas you can really bring it to life – Thank you.” – Head teacher, Grafton School, Islington

“Pupils were engaged with the show and able to follow the story clearly. It raised awareness of issues relating to refugees as reflected in question and answers session. The quality of the performance and workshop was excellent.” – Head of Dance, Islington Arts and Media School

“Colourful and innovative, fast-moving. Emotions conveyed clearly. Captured audience’s attention. In later discussion some pupils could identify with their own experiences on arriving in England from abroad.” – Teacher, Oak Lodge School, Wandsworth

“Both my year 7 and year 8 classes were fired by the performance … it has stimulated discussion and provoked thought. A highly professional performance which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed – even our non-English speaking and hearing impaired pupils were able to follow the narrative.” – Teacher, Eastbury Comprehensive, Barking

“Mina’s Story had humour, sadness, excitement and fear; this kept their attention. Story was relevant to a lot of their own experiences. Music was exciting. Good pace – no gaps.” – Teacher, Cann Hall Primary School, Waltham Forest

“Children went back to school talking about the production and very excited. Members of the public from refugee communities who were there were impressed by the performance.” – Arcola Theatre, Hackney

“I really do think that you thought about the audience, and created a quality driven performance, suitable for exploring very serious issues. Really great!”  – Teacher, Ranelagh Primary School, Newham